Good girl gone BAD!

Good girl gone BAD!



Hi girls, and all of you out there! 


PLUCK your eyebrows... if you want too! Smile and laugh all you got! Stuff your face with food you love  (like I`ve been doing today, but it does not mean I want to do this every day) be healthy, be proud, you are the best you can be right here and now.

WORK OUT, take good care of yourself, rest, read a good book, calm your mind - meditate. DANCE, SWIM, LAUGH and





Be yourself, and feel free, okay?


There will always be someone saying things to you, thinking they have the right to do so. If you walk a certain way, talk like this or that, wear a lot of make up, do not wear a lot of make up. Hey girls, remember...

WE ALL ARE A SOUL! Have a little heart with each other. Not everybody can be as you, in fact, we all got or own issues from time to time, but I know this: - we can CHOOSE to be HAPPY, right here and now <3 


I`m a good girl gone `bad`. I live my life as I want to live it. I treat others so good as I can. I see my own shortcomings, and I embrace them to - knowing this make me more human <3



Embrace your qualities woman! BE PROUD!


Just remember that all we see with our eyes - does not tell what lays behind those thin layers of human skin. People have a heart within, so say out loud what they mean to you. WORSHIP people who are trying their best ( especially when they are not succeeding) don`t be jealous at someone `looking better` - rather take a look at your own reflection, maybe you should invest some time at smiling to that girl in the mirror in stead? Are you done `being good` - acting like you know others prefer they would like you to act? This goes to men to!


JUST BE YOURSELF - you know it... everybody else is taken :-)


Affirmation: I take a look at myself before I judge others, knowing my judgement are only a reflection of my own inner thoughts about how I view what I see in this world.