Sensitivity is a must today! (The sensitive cure!)

Sensitivity is a must today! (The sensitive cure!)


Being sensitive at a young age can be very difficult. I remember from my own childhood when people told me I was upset - what they did not notice it was for a reason, either the reason was that "I was upset" when really I just was mirroring something going on around me, or the reason was I became to sad to express how I felt .... when feeling sorry for someone who did not know what they were pouring out of their heart. I came to the conclusion that `I was bad` since people told me so. As a girl, and as a sensitive human being I therefore was MORE NICE as I grew up than I needed to be. ( I will post `Good girl gone bad` tomorrow) but for now...back to this article ;-)


So to you people out there... those children you see `acting out` may only be a reflection of something else going on. I have met a lot of this children. Because being sensitive as an adult the big +  must be I `attract children`. Walking past them - they feel a young - old soul, just like I feel their young kindred spirit. At work I did know what the children wanted me to say - so I said it, I did notice Mary was having a hard time even when she was smiling.


You should know that sometimes that `something else` can harm them for life, so they suffer on throughout  their life. What you can do is to ask them questions ( not blaming ones though) ask them `what are you thinking?` `why are you feeling like doing this?` If their answers seems out of context... that could in fact be a clear signal you are dealing with a sensitive child - they can have difficulty answering not because `they are bad and don`t want to` but because no one has ever told them that when they have a feeling - it might come from somebody else! This is why I wrote earlier on `I remember people told me I was upset` ... I did not know this was how they did experienced me at all. So after hearing this a couple of times ( you can imaging being sensitive and reflecting other peoples mood - it will happen A LOT) I did know I was showing something that was not the real me, but I did not know that I was `taking in` other peoples feelings, hurts, anger and so on... before as a grown up!



It`s really not a bad thing being sensitive :-)


In this world today my biggest "problem" was not only that I was totally exhausted going to work each day ( taking in to many feelings/ sounds/ smells) my "problem" was that I was having a hard time being to creative! I could do so many different things, but nothing ever felt like `I should be doing this` or `I should be doing that` therefore I blocked myself and became stressed. I did sense people wanted me to `calm down` but this was my creativity being stagnate - I did not allow myself to truly express all the different things I can do. I worked with children, and I may have been the only child - never playing enough. I always wanted to play more, draw more, run more. MORE, MORE, MOOOORE... :-) 


When your an adult you `should not have so much energy` but I`ve learned - that this is exactly what our youngsters are in desperate need for today. GOOD ENERGY! So if you work with children and are trying not to `show all your energy` know that somewhere someone who hires you will see your value as a person, and potential in a work environment - just like I experienced at some of my workplaces - it did only take me a few years from this point to adapt to accepting myself and understand this for myself...


If you feel this reminds you of yourself, then write a little list of what you LOVED to at a younger age. Go through your list and take away what does not makes you feel good today, if this is hard ask yourself this question ( as Ralph Smart among many) says:


What would you do if money was not an option?


Here lies all your answers <3