Happy work




I guess you don`t jump high buy the sound of the word `work`? Well, that`s because `work` reminds of us `HARD work`


What I`m talking about here is working on something you love. Working against YOUR GOAL.


At first, what is your goal?


If you don`t know what your goals are then that is okay, ask yourself this:


`What do I want to work on?`

Often we tend to ask ourself the question:

`What do I NEED to work on?`  - like we are in need of something we don`t have. We feel lack when ask ourself questions like this.



Work with what you got. Say `THANK YOU`



Your on your way that`s good enough



Soon you will find your goal just by waking up and trying further on. That`s great! It can take years, but why don`t have fun working on your way to your different goals here in life?



Here comes the `tricky part`. You have to trust yourself. That means going in another direction when you `feel´ it`s the right thing for you to do. It may not make a lot of sense, and I`m pretty shure people around you are telling you to `do it like they have`. When you truly FEEL you have to go another way, JUST DO IT. Sooner or later you will find out this was the right thing to do for you! ( This will also make you a great support for anybody who are trying to figure their own way out -  you knowing you only can cheer them on)



Don`t be so hard on yourself. Trust you will develop skills that will make you move forward. 



You will get smarter! One thing is that you will get smarter - because people will see how you did something different and it worked out just fine. Now they are yearning for your knowledge - knowing you knew something they don`t. You will also get smarter - because of all these `failures` really pushed you in a learning strike! 


Remember how brave you are...


I wish you the greatest day <3 


Affirmation for this day: 


`I accomplish anything I set my heart at`