You have all day been working, but do you `work well`?

You have all day been working, but do you `work well`?



First at hand, do you feel good doing what you do? If not - stop doing it! Great - now your on your way to feeling sooo much better, being true to yourself.


So, let`s get to business... How hard you work does not determine how well your work get`s done. What`s count is your effort - and not in the time spent ... unless it`s filled with enormous joy.


 You have to find your way.


Still working on a book - seven years gone. Am I happy? Oh yes :-) Time does not feel as it is passing when your doing what you love.


Do what you love... and GROW. You will feel a new hunger for knowledge, you will meet people sharing same joy ( and those who can't stand your joy, wanting you to `work like the rest of us`) so just be you - you`ll be better of doing what



Are they truly happy?


When you are happy - you support others at what they love to do. You don`t criticize ( you know others will do that for you) but you sincerely don`t feel like it - your to busy doing you.


Not following your dream?


What if the limit you see is within yourself, and it`s just making you have a limiting mind? Stop working against yourself.


Get up!










I believe in you...