All you need is... truly love - and you deserve it too!




All you need is... truly love - and you deserve it too !


In deed - we all deserve love, and it can be hard to seek out love for others ( especially when they are treating others, including themselves poorly) What they truly need I will talk about later, but for now... Let`s keep this at why it is so hard to love YOU!


I think it`s pretty easy to love you :-)


You don`t think so?


Here is why


- People have told you what to be, and most importantly - what NOT to be


- People may have done you wrong/ hurt you in such a way that you never could trust anybody when similar situations occur.


- You have changed so much trying to be what everybody wanted you to be

( even though neither them were happy)


- People may have putted you down trying to `make you like your supposed to be` These are the people who are afraid to not be following anything but what the crowd says


- You have a inner vision/ a dream you never started on


Let me tell you - YOU ARE LOVE, YOU ARE GOD. You can have the life that you deserve too. (Feel free to check out my article `Connected to God`) 


We can continue in this pink color <3 ...

If you know your dream - go grab it a little every day!

If you have a lot of nonsupporters ( and blamers, guilters, just cranky people in general in your life) try to take some time for yourself. Finding out what you have in common. Why? Because you need to know what part of you need them do be there to criticize you in your life.


Let`s go black again. Maybe your parents may not have told you all the wrong things about you when you were little - that you needed to change...( or did they?) but perhaps their own insecurities got to you anyway! If they were always complaining about their looks, then you as a child could have been affected badly by this. If your parentes always talked about others, how others worked/ that other people was not good enough - of course this would reflect upon you. They thought you how to treat others - and so you did learn to do as them.


Not knowing why people got mad at you, why people treated you different or just in general you seem to always attract bad things happening to you!


Attraction - what you give out will come back.

I have some simple steps you can use to be more of the person you want to be & to attract situations that is more pleasant. 


Remember - you deserve better <3



Listen to your own voice

Notice if others hear well what you are saying. Do you need to speed down? If you slow down people will trust in your voice as they will start seeing you as more humble and noticeable - since they can hear everything you say they will think you listen deep, and you will make them feel calm.



Live for the now and let go of the past

When you live here now, notice all the beautiful smells all around you. Listen to he birds sing. Listen to a children's laugh - is it filled with pure joy? Listen to your breath, take time for yourself and just listen...



Forgive yourself and forgive others.

You cannot? They have hurt you to much? Understand that this people or person did not know you - THE REAL YOU. They did not love themselves and you came on as a `easy prize` where they could put their own hurt and blame - by transferring it to you. Knowing you were in a space that would allow them to do so ( if you were a child and had no other options than to listen to the grown ups all around you) or maybe you were already in the start of a self critic pattern...  This did not do any good for them - stuck in their own patterns by hurting and blaming others. Forget this, now you shall rise!



You have been strong enough now.

You can cry it out! I mean like... really CRY IT OUT. At first you wont feel better, maybe you already have shared some tears for yourself, or just shred some tears? It`s important you do this one for yourself. Taking your time alone. Really feeling it all out. Now...write a list about what you learned from all of your experiences, and then write one more list - about what you truly deserve! If you do not feel like you deserve it ( if you feel extremely poorly about yourself this can be hard to do) then imagine you are writing this list for a good friend you want to help out finding the positive in this or her life...



I will always come back to Louise L. Hay in this matter. Stand in front of your mirror - tell yourself you love yourself "I love myself" This is important. If your not able to show love for yourself in any way, then why should others? They see how you treat yourself - so they treat you the same. People who love themselves surround themselves with people who LOVE THEM THE WAY THEY ARE.


I hope you feel safe and protected in your skin, I know this last pointer can be hard to do - but trust me, it works out in the long run!


I wish you a wonderful day - look for the love, in yourself and in others.



I am love

I see love in everything throughout my day