Positive being negative

You cannot be positive with a negative mind?


I think you so absolutely can! HOW? 

At first I will say you were not born into this world being negative. You were born here with hopes, dreams and expectations ( including a lot more) let`s keep it at you once were one positive child shall we?


So here you are, thinking negative, not knowing how this can make you MORE POSITIVE! So how is this possible?


By thinking the OPPOSITE!




Being negative: `I feel everything is wrong in my life`


Opposite: `Everything is moving in a positive direction in my life`


and so on... `I hate my self` = `I love myself`


What kind of negative things do your tell yourself often?

`I weigh to much`? `I cannot do this` Not matter how small or meaningful it may seem - apply this thinking in your whole day through.... and just watch how your negative mind will change.... 


to a more POSITIVE YOU :-D

Now go on EXPLORE!