Connected to God

Connected to God


Is there a God? Yes, the nature, what you see all around you. This is God to me, you have another God you say? Does your God make you do good things? I`m truly happy for you. I hope you are happy for me too. Let`s keep it simple shall we?


Wayne W. Dyer has written that YOU are God. If God is everything you see, well, he might as well be in you and me. When I write `connected to God` this truly means something important to me. At a young age I was told by a KIND soul that God is nature - I believed him, I really could FEEL IT. Somehow this feeling slipped away, I got more focus minded on `being what I was supposed to be` when in fact... this was what everybody else were thinking. I cannot say how many times I got to hear "You should be an actress, a dancer, a designer, dress people up, paint walls, paint, work at the newspaper..." and so on, You too? AHA!!!


Let`s be honest - we humans can do A LOT! I mean it, I`m truly impressed by ALL the things for example a teacher have to be. A teacher shall teach yes, but a teacher must know how to understand each and every child. A teacher must have the patient to try out EVERYTHING to reach out to all the different children. A teacher must be quite the actress/ actor sometimes - impressing and inviting the children into different worlds where they can start of on a new journey each and every time a new topic arises.... ( now think about how many things just one child will ask you as a parent about...!)




So, back to where I`m getting at - it can be hard to finally realize that you are MORE than your profession. The tendency in our society is that we only approve those who already have succeded. If they are on the telly - of course they belong there. In the media? Great! But what if... they belong in a crowd, sharing others on, doing what they love....? Sometimes this people do A LOT they don`t get paid for. They invest their time, and mostly they are happy doing it - because they value what they do. Sometimes, people have to stand out and reach after their dreams... and sometimes.... They end up living a new dream, because they did not give up.


This is to you out there, who may have tried a lot of things, still you are at at space trying to `figure it all out` or maybe you are having your doubts following your biggest dream? I KNOW, it`s freaking SCARY at most times.... and so WORTH IT... the ( even if may just be for seconds ) first time you feel you are on your way... Notice this feeling, write about it, sing about it, plant a tree to remind you of this knowledge


That you do deserve to feel this way!!!!!


Now.... let`s connect to God.

If you are God you have access to this source of all knowing knowledge. This is what I wanted to share with you. Here is a plan so you can follow your very own dream.


1: Find your dream! 

( this is the easy part for someone... and for the rest of us... not so easy!)


2: If you have dream by now, go to step 3, if not... think about what you loved to do as a child...


3: Find ANYTHING that inspires you. Books, paintings, people... and so on


4: Think about what inspires you. 


5: Say this to yourself and the universe before you go to sleep


"I ask for access to the knowledge I need to know to reach my dream"


6: Have a good night sleep


7: Write down your dreams


8: Wake up and ask yourself: "What can I do today that will bring me one step further to my dream?"


9: Do number eight every day


10: Do number nine EVERY DAY for the rest of your life