Perfect enough now?

Perfect enough now?


Am I the only one trying to be the best that I can be? No, in fact we are ALL TRYING. We may let others appearance fool us, just imagine seing a homeless person laying on a bench... Filthy clothes, maybe some food in his/ her hands. What do you think about that picture? Really? I think so much, to much I`ve heard... (I think this makes me wise and strong ) I see a human trying at their best... We are all at different stages. It`s so easy so judge. Somebody commented to me I live in a humble home ( not ever seen it) The person seemed very surprised when my answer was: "It`s amazing" We got to be happy where we are now - what makes us believe we could be so much happier elsewhere.... if we don`t have the insight to create happiness here and now?


Often we look to what other people have, all this does is stealing our own energy, and in fact we are robbing ourself for time we could have used on building our own future.


What makes you happy right here and now dear reader?

GO DO IT :-)


So often we think about what should and could make us happy, when in fact we know deep down in our core what makes us truly happy.


It`s hard to live now ( like it was decades ago) Why? Because of all we got.... we got so many things, and some of us may experience feeling guilty for what we don`t and do have... Stop it! Okay? You deserve everything you are given! Perhaps it`s easy for me to think this way you may wonder? No, I`ve worked hard to change my attitude... and I still am :-)

So keep going strong, you can change your world by starting to apply some differences to your INNER WORLD. Life get`s really pretty when you do. Start with saying to your own reflection: "I LOVE MYSELF. I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE" It does something to you straight away... Maybe you will see doubt in your own eyes? Keep on saying this, everyday. I know you have the time .... <3  This is the time for YOU!


Now.... after all this, I will get to my point just about very soon ;-) In our society we have labeled so many things... We label each other by colors and what we wear, by makeup we put on or choose not to wear. We pity does who are sick, and label others as lazy or ignore them completely. You are either sick or well functioned in our community. You are accepted or you are not. When I see someone described as `successful` I always ask myself this question: `Do I think they are happy?` observering them stressing around, smiling - but with foggy, gray eyes. Eyes filled with their soul telling me `I wish this day was over soon, I wish I could be more.... I wish I wish I wish`


Well, what I wish for our world is to see that we all are perfect - just the way YOU and I already are. Way to many people get diagnosed because they do not `live up to societies standard` when in fact they are actually smart and may have suffered big traumas in their lives, not gotten the help that they need so they could stay healthy. 


I would like to say this to you out there

Do not let your job define you!

With or without a job....


People are in need today, feeling lonely and not connected. Seing what others have make them feel lack. If you have many things.... ( just take a look around) and still not feeling happy? THEN GIVE WHAT YOU GOT! I mean, give away the things that you no longer use.... This will open up for getting more into your life.... It changes your outlook on things. Soon you will see that the `lucky` man in the street - wearing the newest items.... are not so happy after all. You start to see a whole other world, just by beginning with something small.


Give away something.... give your heart away today <3


Our world are in need for you, to stay humble and reach out.