Yoga - something about training the right way & following a dream!




There is a time to do yoga - and there is a time for doing strength exercises! I have to reveal I`ve been busy doing LESS YOGA :-)

This is actually a good thing for me ( probably my body more than mind, I`ll explain this one better later on ) since I`ve been doing so much yoga now I can focus on getting my strength back! I LOVE to train on my strength... even if I have a long way to get REALLY strong :-)


Yoga was truly necessary though.... to stabilize my body, to making most of the pain go away. Still I have been going trough some months now, biting my teeths together HARD to ignore any pain ... because fact is that your get TOTALLY SORE from doing yoga.... and with strength exercises added to many hours of yoga.... you can to the math.... imagine being afraid of having pain on top of this. So, so much for imaginary pain -


I`ve finally LET GO of being afraid. My body is healed :-)


So all together, I really know what I`m talking about when I say to you out there `I`m the most stiffest of them all` because I`ve been for this path for many years... training my way up. Thinking I could not heal my body at one point.... Now I KNOW... YOU CAN DO THE SAME :-)


Just trust me on this one, okay?   



( The pic is taking this morning - working on a book... for also many years, so follow your dreams.... because all together, you do it for YOU!)


Moving your body makes your creative brain come alive :-D

Remember this in your day.


May your day be filled with hope, dreams - and love for yourself!