How to stand alone

How to stand alone


One thing is standing alone, one other thing is feeling alone. These to may seem similar, but in fact they are the opposite! When standing alone you can feel free, do what you love and accomplish things you want to achieve must faster...


FEELING ALONE is not the same as BEING A ALONE 


I`ve experienced both. At a time in my life everybody seemed to disappear, it made my feel lost -> so I started to loose contact with myself I thought - when in fact I learned I was about to really find myself. I`ve always enjoyed my own company ( a bit to the extreme) but as life pushed me I started to push myself ( after a lot of resistance) and when I finally started doing this it became clear to me - how I was right where I wanted to be. I could breath - I could be me. It was necessary life pushed me in the direction of being alone.


So here I am today, telling you.... YOU are okay :-)


The worst feeling in the world must be feeling alone IN OTHER PEOPLES COMPANY. I started to realize something - we are all connected, we can make an impact on each other. You don`t have to feel alone, you need to see you are alone ... for now, and that`s one amazing thing! If your relationship has fallen apart, and there is no second start.... Maybe this happened for a reason? What did you learn from this relationship? Yes, we all are each others teachers, and sometimes life put`s us in similar life situations - when we failed to learn the previous lesson we should have learned..... ( we might think)  BANG, there it  `pops up` once again in our terrified faces.... We are shocked, feeling hurted, even rejected by life itself, but I promise you....

this feeling of being left out of society it will pass, you will move on, and yes ( the poet in me comes out) - and you WILL GET STRONG :-)


Right here and now, deep breaths.... Come on, just try it, it could not hurt you right? Actually, when we breath, we become more sensible to the `here and now´ and when we do that, our brain push forward thoughts we have not yet finished managing ( you know, all this pain and sadness and burned feelings about you being left out, feeling like a freak or even worse.... and all this emotions and feelings build up inside, ready to burst out.... ) so yes, it can be hard to become so aware, but you do want to feel better right?




Sometimes you got to put this breathing in your schedule, making time for yourself. When doing this your are actually saying to the universe

`I MATTER` so the universe will respond to you, saying `In deed you do`

When confirming this to yourself you are starting on a journey of

`making - me - know - how - to feel - happy - again´ a big surprise is coming for you now:   IT WORKS!!!!!!!


And also - the universe will soon send you somebody feeling as left out as you do, or maybe somebody who feels as great about life`s precious little gifts all around you as you do? Because let`s face it - you`ll start to notice your own free time, YOU CAN DO WHAT EVER YOU`D LIKE TO DO, and even better, WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO when you are alone.


Don`t know what to do, where to do it, nor what do you actually love?

Well, here is life giving you enough spare time to find out. 




Sometimes being alone feels horrible ( been there too) and you can feel like a depression is sneaking up on you, or breathing you in your neck (gruff!) Make it your LIFE MISSION to get up every morning doing something you love. `I have to get to work` or `this or that ´ is in my way. Well, if you have time to thinking about being alone, you will also have the capacity of thinking of nice activities being putted into your schedule... even if this means you cannot snore to 08.00 am in morning any longer ;-).... Don`t hit the snooze alarm - GO OUTSIDE. Just by planning something funny to do you should already feel better, but a brisk walk can also be what makes some of your pain go away. Remember.... YOU ARE THE BOSS OVER YOU.


Many people feel so alone in this world, and some people ( like myself) LOVE being alone. Ever felt alone? Or got a good idea for something to do so anybody out there don`t feel so alone? 


Comment down below.


Much love <3