Peace of mind

Peace of mind


It seems so hard from time to time - being able to have a peace of mind... it feels like more somebody has a PIECE of your mind! A poet got to rhyme ;-)


Before I thought that peace of mind was just being able to be alone, and then I thought it meant being alone in nature. Actually beforehand ... I thought peace of mind was impossible to me.... Just so you know. I know you are out there - who thinks this as I once did...




You can find peace in a surrounding where there is noise, just watch it from a quiet place. Now watch... Watch people nearby pushing their limits, working hard, trying to walk fast so they can get away. Notice they are not smiling, even notice... they don`t have time - to see this quiet place you have found






Find peace very quick. Settle down. Breath deep into your belly. Repeat. Repeat.... and... you might have guessed it, yes - do REPEAT. Now - off to the train in a hurry!


Watch a painting, or a nice mountain view. Look at the colors, notice any odd shape - your at peace connecting to nature.


Close your eyes ( not while reading this) and... SMELL. Notice any good smell, notice any bad. What do you prefer? Maybe you should walk closer to the things that smells good in life. Soon you are so tuned into what smells good, that actually.... when something nasty comes by - you hardly notice. You are to busy smelling the beautiful red roses. A man or woman perfume. You have now found peace.


Read a good book - if it is bad - THROW IT AWAY


Be at peace with yourself. Let your inner voice guide you... and how do you do this? MEDITATE, every day... Start with five minutes... As I always say :-).....



May you hold peace in your heart  <3