Connected soul



What if we all are connected within the same energy? I`m reading `Decide your destiny` by Wayne W. Dyer. In this book he also writes about different stages, mentioning some being `warriors` among other stages. Very interesting... I like his perspective, and don`t want to tell to much - you better read this book for yourself ;-)


I am going to mention a little I must admit... Wayne says in this book that we are surrounded by energy. We cannot see it, like we cannot see how electricity works - but we push a button and there our hair blower comes alive - we are lucky being provided by so many things, just because of electricity..... ( okay, a little digression)

What if we ALL are connected? You and me, the same energy. Then it must mean, you are the trees, the flowers, the bees... and so on. I`m not only writing this because somebody else has written this. I have thought like this for many years, and I must add... How lovingly it feels - just thinking this way.... This actually mean, if I treat you nice - I also treat myself nice - since we are the same energy. Why should I treat anybody wrong, if it`s myself, my own energy I`m meeting? What am I sending out? Am I always good? NO, then I see it... how I attract energy that I can resonate with... If I send out more good than bad, it must come back also. It really DOES!!!! So think positive, do something nice for yourself & then for somebody else - as it shure will bring you a good feeling doing this - now see how something positive in your life occurs....


Most importantly I think... is to find peace within, so we can vibe a little higher - when we meet someone who are not at a good place... and we must remember... Those people who makes us feels upset, they are our best teachers.... when they can find something in us and bring out something bad.... That really was inside us all along... just waiting to burst out. Thank you - all my teachers, and thank you life for letting me also teach others <3


Go grab this book if you want to change your look on your own reality.... I`m reading this so I can stay tuned, it`s working I`ll say !


Time for a late walk. Oh brilliant summertime, LOVE IT!