Energy talk

Let`s talk about energy! Good energy that meets you when you walk into a room - is is that simple or is it more? My personal experience is that when I `vibe high` ( feel good) I attract good things into my life. Opportunities seek me out ( at first I was like: oh no, this is not for me, and then the opportunity left...) and so do good people. Animals tend to come for me ( haha) and I also noticed something else... how you can one moment `vibe hight` and then the next feel drained, exhausted at worst. I noticed something new at one point in my life... that when I felt like this, I also attracted into my life, people feeling similar. They were having their own personal problems/ feeling lack/ not feeling loved and so one.... We can change our own reality I truly believe this. So do this right now: Close your eyes and think of a place you have always felt safe... Take a look around, what does this place smell like? What makes you feel so good about this place? Imagine you can bring this place.... wherever you`ll go..... There you have it...


You can change your reality.

We can change our views.


Maybe I`ll make a video about this subject later on  ;-) but you know me, `I got something up my sleeve`

Today I`ve been working on my latest project... feeling good ( and secretive) about this one. It`s rainy outside, but I`m shure I will find some pleasure making my mind explore itself... While creating more god energy.


Affirmation for this day: I want to create good - I do good.


I wish you the greatest day <3