A visit to Gallery Zink in Lillehammer

A late update :-) My younger brother were here on a late visit, beforehand I visited today the `Gallery Zink` here in Lillehammer. You can visit my `poetry corner` to see what I`ve made out of my experience here -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/Poesikroken/. In a brief moment I wrote down this poetry that came to my mind, and though it may not seem to deep ( I always think this for myself) I just tuned into the paintings and there... the poems were already done... I want to tell you more about this, but first I want to point out something else first. 


When all of us ( me too, even though I try not too) meet our `inner critics` at this point - having the honor of looking at other peoples work and effort... You see something you like, and I see something I love, and we both see things... well, we rather stare at something else than exact what we are watching right? Anyway, some have been educated and `know what they are talking about` but I know this - we both see with different eyes, and we may not feel the same. You can be educated, or I can have a bad taste, but what we cannot know... neither of us, is how the painter has put this feeling of him/ herself in this piece we don't really know anything about at all.... Or can we?


I know this ( as I`ve already blogged about) that I can get really SICK from being near art that is created with a lot of pain/ anger/ hurt and so on. I think every piece matter. We cannot just trust our eyes, we can rely on our own feelings that surface, and not rely on anything else but them. I think if you seek out a art that means something for YOU - it is very important that you do so. Maybe you have some feelings that needs to be worked on, maybe you deserve to look at a pice making you feel calm? Maybe YOU can create art/ music/ poetry out of your own experience just like I do?


Try this:

- Try to empty your head and be open ( it helps if you meditate on a daily bases)

- When a thought is coming ( while watching a piece) just observe the thought

- If your thoughts `match up` to any meaning - write them don straight away!


It`s that simple.... and so hard. I suggest you meditate every day if you would like to `tune into other great artist` as yourself :-) I believe in you!


All art is therefore very important - making all other humans able to create something. All art got it`s own value. You can also tune into your heartspace by breathing and making art change before your eyes.

Look at it and do not judge ( hah! just try, okay?) then see how you can create room for an enormous deep understanding... for those little scratches on the wall... describing a life lived in fright ... barely survived at all...



Here you can visit  the`Gallery Zink` webpage http://www.gallerizink.no (copy and paste)