Lillehammer Art Museum

 Lillehammer Art museum


Today I was at the art museum (after my morning routine, just corrected a whole book of my own!)  and as a sensitive person it can be a little to much to take in... You don`t want to use your energy to much before going to an event okay? Make shure you REST and take good care of yourself.

Here is my experience of being a super sensitive creature :-)

If you walk to get to the event you`ll have to find all the `safe places´ = the less noisy places. Did you now that if you are sensitive enough.... ;-) you can `take in` what the artist put into a painting or a another piece of art? I once experienced this living in Bergen in Norway - I got really sick!!! At that time i still did not know what was going on... and I want to share my knowledge with the world - because I think a lot of `sick` people would not be defined as `sick` at all if they truly knew how a sensitive person is like :-)

This is why I must mention some of the good things about being sensitive... You can tune into the happiness better than the rest! Today I met some children ( big surprise) that almost could not take their eyes off me... I know how to shine my white light out - this you see in a child too. They choose what`s best for them in any given situation, so they follow their own light, witch is purpose and some will even call this the light of God... This light I`m talking about is therefore something we all can shine out ( more or less) so if you have the light, you are God, and if I share my light - then you will come to me, because you also follow your inner light. Somebody will call this `a good vibe` or `good energy´ some will call it luck, but if you can believe in such a luck... we might as well just call it God ;-) Anyway, you have this bright, bright, light in you, and it will make some people truly happy - just don't let them get the best of you, all right? Being sensitive can bring the wrong people to you, because you tend to shine so bright, that at one point people can get mad at you for `seeming fine´ when in fact you are exhausting yourself taking good care of all the mad energy around you at different places.

`What are you so happy about ey?`

Remember this: we should find rejoice in other peoples joy :-)

This way you can be happy every day - just like myself. I mentioned this about tuning into art... if you are sensitive, try to tune into what you felt seeing/ experiencing the art you saw... Now go CREATE! You can create almost exact the same... because you are in tune. A lot of people don't know they can do this. This is also why you can see you children manage to do incredible things while dancing, drawing, singing and so on... The are tuned into their own white light/ GOD or source of energy. So the more they do what they love, the brighter the light, and therefore... the more people they will reach.

So if you are at a place now seeing `everyone´ succeed around you... just know this could also be you. You can ask me how, and I will reply "Why not?" :-) It might as well be you as anybody else.

Just try, you might risk making yourself happy - and reach out to a bunch of people who will get happier too!



If you want to go the the art museum ( I promise there was mostly good energy here!)

You can check out their webpage:


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I wish you the best day <3 !