A very important daily routine...

I know `the common rule` is to write something new, but I`m all about going deeper in. Yesterday I mentioned how important it is with a daily routine, but today I will say: what REALLY IMPORTANT is to develop a routine that works for you. I`ve tagged this blog post with `Picasso` and `Van Gogh` and the reason for this is


If you are an artist you got to find another routine!


Sounds simple ey? Now, it`s that easy... Here in Norway we have something called `NAV` ( a place  for people who are unemployed/ trying to get more work) It`s sad to see how our community is all about `work ethics` and then again... have truly forgotten about how it feels to DO something you have PASSION for. Of course :-) A lot of people do ( and they work hard too, but that`s another story) but more people fall out. Are you one of those feeling `left behind`? I want to say something to you.


I think you are a creator. A creator who were not meant to follow a steady routine with going to work at eight and being done by five in the afternoon. I think your an artist meant to do something bigger. Me myself has gone to NAV, and in this time.... my whole body got very sick. There was something I did not understand, no matter how hard I worked and tried.... I never seemed to have any success. Even though I loved to learn and love to cherish each and every day... but I had this feeling of, let`s just say... I never felt I was in the right place. ( but now I see I had to experience this so I could tell this to you out there) :-) After over 13 years in NAV... trying to work, work, work... AND writing books for children after work ( I did stay up every night) I could not sleep... unless I got this peace into my heart - a knowing of I was doing something right... for ME.


Soon a passion started to grow in me, after a while ( years) I was creating my own music on the computer, playing on my keyboard, singing, writing songs, writing down meditations, studying yoga, studying 3D, WRITING %$&(%$)=(%&$%/&"/" a LOT - and at the same time my body was not feeling well, and I started to se from my own heartspace.... People around me, were they happy working like this? Some, yes - they were living  and giving from a  passionate place  within I saw.....


After a while, I got really sick. Could not sit writing... at all. I saw life from a perspective not serving me any good, but you know this tiny little voice saying everything was gonna be fine? I guess I must have had like ten of them - haha. Since I started training my mind saying `You will get better` even though the pain in my legs felt like I was walking on nails... some days were... a bit better. Mostly I felt like crying the whole day through. After I had been running more than 6 hours every week, following a fitness program ( lifting, and working my body HARD) experiencing all kind of pain... I will like to say this to out there. No pain can compare to being truly sick in your body/ mind ( their is as story there also) Let`s cut to the point ( here comes the Pablo  Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh part)  I KNOW how it feels getting so desperate in your mind, I do understand how someone would like to cut of their own ear ( even without being poisoned) You will get crazy if your not living the life you are meant to live. Some came here to `live an ordinary life` - and this is were you can find the most unordinary stories ever written! With both my ear still intact I would like to ask all of you out there reading this a question: 




I actually work more in my head then I do with my body ( those who have seen me train before should then know that my mind must accomplish a whole lot) I`m more happy. I got happy when I let go of my mindset - thinking I had to work like everybody else. Then... a miracle happened ( just not in the way I thought) NAV had no room for me more. It was better for them to let me go.... but mostly it was better for myself, and I realized truly for the first time.... it is all a mindset :-) I let of the thought of `having a job to earn to live´  All this day I had been working so hard.... and for several years - not always having enough food to eat, not being able to buy clothes that would warm me through a cold winter. It`s important to write this down. I have heard so much negative things about `being in NAV` - and here you can find some of the most beautiful people ever. Having a hard time, slowly losing interest in themselves - by trying to be something everybody else want them to be. It`s all a mindset, I work every day on my dream, the only difference for me is that know I publish some of the things I make. I have time to finish things. I have time to publish, but mostly... I have time to being a human being - trying to give something good to the world <3 


If you would like to change your mindset, and liked this blog ( this is me spending MY TIME) I hope you will comment below :-)  Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate YOU - because we all got to stick together!