Daily routines - very important in deed!

My morning routine: GET UP, either your eyes are half closed, badly open or your still snoring ( ooops) You better wake up :-) Why? To get to work? Sort of, to get to work on YOU!


I throw myself up, first thing I think is this (mostly( `A brand new day` This thought get me inspired. Then I start washing my face, staring at myself `this is me I`m ok` I actually feel really good with this affirmation/ find something that works for you. It makes me feel real and full of acceptance within myself. Now I say thank you ( while massaging my face gently) I say `thank you for this day` `Thank you for all I do have` and so on, while my face is liking this treatment to. I take a deep look in the mirror. No judging - just watching how I appear in this life. Now it`s coffee time! Better get my cats inside first though.... ( I got tree of them) Now I start working and enjoying my coffee... and then I go for a loooong walk clearing my head and the planning the day ahead.


Watching thoughts appear, then go. Watching thoughts appear.... then go...

When I used to work with children I did take this walk before I went off to work... 

On my way to work ( after a lovely breakfast) I would imagine the day ahead, how I would like things to happened. What I would respond if I knew something was `on the table` I made my affirmations about being calm, about giving the good.... And often then things I had imagined... they did do happened, and when something unexpected occurred... I would handle this well - I always say this affirmation to myself `I will handle all in my day  with good care and responsible actions - known I do my best `


and yeah..... at a period I ALWAYS stretched  my legs due to the pain I had before. Did you know I did not walk at a point in my life? Well, if you experience pain I hope you will follow my channel. I`m so happy I can feel free not to train first thing in the morning... but sometimes, I still do :-) and it feels GREAT to have that choice.... Today I will run down to the gym later....!


Take good care of yourself... first dear reader <3 Okay?


I wish you the best :-)