Why you should meditate - especially when you don`t want to

Meditation is calming your eyes for two minutes. Yesterday I had such an incredible day! ( This has nothing to with meditation you may first think, but think again) Well, I tend to meet people with pain... ( very normal for me, but if you did not know this - I want you to know I will write more about this later on) Well,  yesterday I experienced meeting SO MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE, and my brain was like:


`Now I`m like this, and so I can be more of that... ` and so on.


Meditation gives you a opportunity to be MORE YOU. It becomes more natural to `go with the flow` and as I always say: START WITH FIVE MINTUES :-) This is where I started myself... I promise you... I was not the one sitting still much at the timed I started out with meditation. Thanks to meditation I`ve also experienced a better workflow. I can sit for hours deeply concentrated, and what`s even better.... I can sit relaxed while doing what I love! This is SO IMPORTANT since I´ve experienced a lot of pain in my body. Meditation has made my health improve... a lot :-)


Why meditate you say?


- You will sleep better

- Eat more conscious 


- More concentrated


- Calm

- Aware of your breathing

- Handle pressure much more better

- Being able to give more

- Set limit for yourself



Let`s just say meditation is GOOD FOR YOU, so why must it be so freaking hard you may ask...?

Because our thoughts who have long found rest in our unconsciousness have now reoccurred to the surface...


Exercise: Observere your thoughts, say to each and every thought this:


`I recognize you, and now I move on to the next`


It may be hard at first but you can do this. After doing this for several times you will then see how you can manage to work through some of the thought patterns that have occurred. Comment below if you got any questions for me.


I wish you the best day <3