Work schedule

My work schedule is something I want to share with you creative souls out there! Just take a walk ;-) Haha. It`s quite amazing how our brain works with underlying problems ( when we struggle in the middle of a creative process) so yes - take a walk, but let`s get really honest... you got to do the work to create your dream also!


Every day I get up and from the night before... I`ve planned what to do in the morning ( mostly) I get things done with a cup ( or two if needed) of coffee - and then I take a LONG WALK. A relaxing walk, trying to let thoughts just surface, then let them move on to the next and so on... At the end of the walk I plan out what to next. First I take the hardest thing, and then one easy one to get done. A little break/ meditation and then a walk... Now I now what to do next.


Some days I`ve planned ahead making a move, and while filming I often take pictures. I got a habit of `getting things done` ( or else they don't) so I start to transfer files to my computer and then make the movie. If I`m not happy I tend to exercise a little at home, maybe breath a little.... and then I finish before I train/ or take a fast walk at night. Or maybe a slow walk. I`ve done this so much now so I know what works for me - with that I mean: if I need to speed up a little to either clear my mind or let out tension, or slow down so my mind can cook up some nice things I can create and share with you out there :-) 


Often when I walk dreams from the night comes to surface again. I dream about everything I write, and almost everything I`ve ever drawn....! Did you know you can create in your dreams, and therefore capture GREAT IDEAS from everything you have heard throughout your day/ and/ or read?


Or is this just me?

Maybe I`ll write how you can try do this too later ;-) 


I wish you a creative night... or day :-)