You can change

Regardless of what you think - you can change. Often we people tend to forget how much we got to give each other. We are thinking about or own needs being met - but very so often we seem to forget that WE ARE THE ONES who shall give ourself love. Stand upfront in the mirror, say `I LOVE YOU` Louise L. Hay is talking about this. It`s called `mirror work` and I truly know the effect of this. If you feel sad you should go to the mirror, maybe see a tear or two drop down. Now say to yourself `I have the right to be sad` You may still feel down a little bit but with time this exercise will help you release your thoughts about your past. It makes it so more easier to live more here and now - and when you do that you`ll soon find out how much easier it is to both give and receive love. Now go blessed and thankful out in your day. You are worth so much more than you think you are <3