`It`s a NEW DAY. It`s a NEW LIFE`


Welcome to my web page. I'm a norwegian girl who share my creations on my spiritual journey. Through my creations ( poetry, quotes, animations, illustrations among other things I create) I share my LOVE for EVERY BEING.

I share helping tools here on this website in my blog ( while I got a norwegian blog on another site too) with a knowing that someone out there may be going through a struggle, or just need some inspirational words or motivation. Is this you?


A little about me: I am a CREATOR!

I perform yoga and I love to EXPLORE #OUTSIDE in NATURE.

I write books, make creatures in 3D and also like to run and lift weights.

I am very active on Instagram posting my progress of every field.


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I talk about being vegan, and other spiritual topics - where the message behind is truly all about LOVE.  


I wish you out there a life filled with love, abundance in every way, and a life where you DARE to follow your dreams every day - I know this will make you HAPPY.


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Love Britt I. Strand